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Thank you for your interest in becoming apart of the team! We are leading a Christ inspired movement of hope, health, and encouragement that helps others rise to their full potential and live life abundantly. If that sounds like a mission you want to be a part of, we are looking for like minded people who want to unite in making a real difference in the lives of those around them.

Make The World A
Better Place

We have an opportunity known as a Rise Leader which allows you to make the world a better place by sharing your passion of helping others live a whole and healthy lifestyle through Christ centered body, soul, spirit life coaching principles. This allows you to make an extra stream of income in the process by sharing our academy tools such as our programs and the academy membership. The only qualification to become a Rise Leader is to enlist as an academy member yourself and to lead by example through living the Rise Lifestyle.

Join Us As A
Rise Leader

The $47 Rise Life Academy membership is about the cost of a normal gym membership but instead of training only your body, you will receive advanced life coaching and leadership principles directed towards your body, soul, and spirit that help you rise up to your full potential. Join us as a Rise Leader and become a part of the movement today!