This is an exciting three month journey LIKE NO OTHER helping you create

sustainable-long term-lifestyle habits through a time proven integrative approach 

business and ministry leaders 

Our flagship high-performance program was made specifically to help business and ministry leaders prevent burnout and optimize performance through whole health life coaching. As a leader, you have a core value for impact and a calling to make a difference in this world with the time you were given. 

But, many times this comes at a price. While pouring into your clients, staff, and loved ones around you, you are many times the last to eat 

This can create an unhealthy pattern of giving out of an empty cup, which can lead to burnout, chronic stress, weight gain, fatigue, and even depression. Instead of sacrificing yourself for results,
we’ve found that creating intentional boundaries and lifestyle rhythms to invest into your health and wellness will set you up to serve from a place of overflow and optimal performance. 

When the leader is healthy inside and out, this will overflow into a healthy business, ministry, and family. So Where do you start? 


Our program was designed to help you create sustainable-long term-lifestyle habits through an integrative approach focused on your: 





Spiritual Health

Get Instant Access To:

  • Step by step video Instruction on the Rise Life Course Portal
  • Meal plans and workout plans to simplify fat loss and lean muscle growth
  • Morning routines to help you maximize your day and enter into a high-performance state
  • Biohacking and hormone optimization protocols to supercharge energy
  • Advanced nutrition training to help you thrive and live a long and healthy lifestyle
  • Our 3 step process to break negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold you back from living life more abundantly
  • Mediation and prayer exercises to grow in your relationship with God and experience more peace, joy, and deep inner fulfillment
  • AND you will also receive world-class coaching support through:  A weekly 60-minute live group coaching virtual masterclass & Elite level 1 on 1 coaching sessions designed to cut to the root and help you create accelerated results!


Positive coping and stress relieving strategies to power you through life’s obstacles

Mood enhancing techniques that naturally boost your energy and “feel good” hormones like dopamine and serotonin

How you can save more time and money while eating healthier

Expert strategies that give you more clarity and direction on how to live life more abundantly

The simplicity of losing weight and getting fit without having to spend hours in the gym

What will this do to your performance when you are now leading from a place of wholeness and vitality instead of stress and fatigue?

How would this change your life when your body-soul-spirit is optimized and energized and ready to take on the world?

What would it do to your confidence when your glorifying God with the temple He has given you and you're in the best shape of your life?

Go ahead and find out by scheduling a free initial coaching session to learn how you can Rise Up through our High-Performance Body-Soul-Spirit program